The Sacred Femme Priestess

Women are being called together across the globe. Feminine awakening is happening all over the world, wellness classes are packed with women. Women are generally more open to spirituality; women have been initiating men for centuries, even if they’ve been unaware of it. There is a great power and an awakening of the Sacred Femme essence when women come together to shared healing!

A revolution in archaeological methods and outlook has revealed that cultural history did not begin with Adam. Divine Feminine-centered cultures of old present a picture of a high culture committed to a partnership between men and women rather than the competitive warrior cultures which replaced them 2000 years later. The Priestess hears these cries, she feels them in her body, indelibly etched in her cells. 

The Priestess has an inborn sense of responsibility – literally the “ability to respond,” – which motivates her to a life of service. She cultivates her life as a practical mystic, being a leader and healer by her radical choice to fully inhabit her feminine nature. The Priestess is a pillar of support and a chalice of guidance as humanity writes this next chapter of the Sacred Femme Her-story.

The Priestess is a powerful feminine archetype.
The Priestess is a powerful feminine archetype

A Priestess is a woman who has learned the art of facilitation for other women to explore, restore, manifest and share indigenous practices that honor the sacred female life-force. 

A woman who embodies this archetype takes her space in this world fully.

She sees the world as her space for creation.

She sees the Earth as her home, where she is honored to be and serve.

The Priestess rests in her power and lives her life in alignment with her Spirit.

Her love, compassion, and resilience are her greatest weapons.

She has no interest in the games of the ego. She has no interest in competing with others.

She is here in service.

She is surrendered to the will of the Divine Spirit and she allows each step she takes to be guided.

She initiates others into the mysteries of this magnificent life.

The Priestess knows that she is here on a mission.

Her mission is to bring empowerment and awakening to this world and to represent the powerful feminine force in its totality and its vulnerability.

The Priestess knows that she is here to bring life.

She is here to serve love.

Based on that premise, everything takes on a completely different meaning, where every choice has to be in alignment with her mission.

The Sacred Femme Sacellum teaches women to to fully embody their gift of initiation. Women that go through the The Sacred Femme Priestess Path™ know that:

  • What makes us unique is our commitment to our own self-healing as well as the facilitation of the health and well-being of others.  
  • Dedication to learning, cultivation of well-being, the empowerment of others, and the healing of the earth and all of its inhabitants heals the heart of our planet. 
  • This path is not for everyone, it is only for those who feel a deep resonance in their souls. 
  • It is a path in which our ancient wisdom will be restored and celebrated.
  • The Sacred Femme Priestess Path™ offers intensive training that consists of 3 levels.

In between modules, initiates continue their training in practice groups formed for the Priestesses to keep going into greater depth in their training.

Women who participate in the training program are identified as Priestess Initiates, as those who know, who have amazing skills and knowledge to offer to other women and to men. The Sacred Femme Priestess Path™ is packed with various sacred feminine erotic energy and shamanic practices all aimed at empowering you to be the incredible woman that you are. As our initiates progress in the training, they become empowered to pass on their knowledge and clarity to others. It is only with consistent and deep practice that we can achieve long lasting results; no one else offers an integrated training like this.

Initiates develop a deep sense of self-worth and an understanding of their life’s path; they establish a profound connection with what they really want,  and an awareness of how they can live the most amazing life and serve the World at the same time. They learn to own their sexuality without shame or judgement. Just being in the presence of such women is healing.

The Priestess Path Training Modules

With each module we go into more and more advanced practices and rituals.

Initiates who take this training are invited to be part of the Priestess Ceremony. 

The Sacred Femme Sacellum provides a sacred space, where women will be gathering together to connect, tap into the mystical realms of life, cultivate deep presence and connection with nature, perform sacred sexual, shamanic, Tantric practices and rituals together, as well as supporting each other in our powerful dharma and in the process of awakening to our divinity.

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