The Journey

Join a sacred sisterhood.

When: February 2021. Official dates TBA

We will meet weekly for private Zoom sessions (average of 45-minutes each), which will include key content and embodiment practices, group journey meditations, feminine ritual, and opportunities to share and connect.

Meeting times will be on Mondays from 7-8 pm EST unless there are too many conflicting schedules. In that case, I will take a poll for preferred times. All sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make it.

Each week, you will also receive exclusive content, audio recordings, and home practices to deepen your experience.

-Weekly 60-minute online group sessions.

-Weekly module content, audio files, and home practices.

-Connect to a supportive Sisterhood.

- Access to a Private Facebook group

-Private 1:1 Sessions throughout the journey

The magic awaits you…

We will flow with the energy of the group, listening to what wants to present itself each week. For this reason, there is no “concrete” schedule.

Instead, we will intuitively flow through the following topics:

Sacred Ritual: How to set sacred space & invite ritual into your daily life.

Womb Meditations: Accessing the power portal within. Using breath, sacred womb toning, and movements to alchemize stagnant energies.

The Womb Grid: Discover the 8 portals of womb consciousness that unlock your greatest potential.

Blood Mysteries/Menstrual Magic: The energetics of menstrual blood. Harness the power of your cycle and learn to flow with it. Explore tools & rituals you can implement in your every day life for enhancing magic and manifestation potential.

Ayurveda for Women’s Health: Traditional healing methods for the Womb.

Sacred Sexuality: When spirituality and sexuality meet. Explore the pleasure pathways: Clitoral, G-spot, and Cervical/WOMBgasms…

Self-Womb Massage: For fertility, balance, and vitality.

Restore BALANCE & VITALITY to your body.

FEEL, HEAL, & RELEASE traumas held in the yoni and womb.

AWAKEN your pleasure pathways.

EMBODY Feminine magic.

OPEN to receive the Divine flow of love.

ACTIVATE your creative and sexual potential.

REMEMBER Feminine Wisdom.

RECLAIM your innate psychic gifts.

Live Aligned with Earth’s cycles and rhythms.

Birth your PASSIONS and CREATIONS to the world with CONFIDENCE.


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