Complexity: Energy And Trauma

Ask different people from around the  world and they will answer to you “our bodies, the universe, God, The Creator, Source, etc.” Now I invite you to consider that all of these answers are simply the same terms agreed upon in attempts to define or explain the infinite energy that connects all life. Energy is experienced in the same value of feelings after experiencing great sex, experiencing and witnessing the unspeakable moments that you have ever had.

True energy is source energy, not force energy. Every single being on the planet has abundant access to resource true energy. In order to access or source infinite energy we must resource our energy and we can live there. Breathwork is a dynamic practice that allows us to bypass the mind and resource energy. For me, Breathwork is a space of pure surrender and healing possibilities. Breathwork helps me make an impact by knowing and healing myself. I established The Sacred Femme Sacellum™ as a metaphysical wellness sanctuary that is dedicated to the conscious alignment and equal access to healing trauma and pain. 

Have you ever thought about or experienced a moment of being in an instant where you knew absolutely everything and yet you could remember nothing at all except existing? I have. Conscious energy is everything that connects us and shows us who and what we truly are. It is possible to sustain conscious energy. We have the power to access our energy states and regulate our optimal states of well-being through the energy of breath. Our bodies hold conscious energy and Breathwork helps stabilize conscious energy.

Have you ever thought about the energy that you put into living your day to day life? How much energy do you invest in surviving? Most of us spend 90% or greater of their time storying their lives in fight or flight mode or an anxious state of doing. Fear is created in states of anxious or nervous energy. We have to understand how to recreate the false stories that we believe about life and death. {we}Elevation Breathwork™ is a practice that gives breathers informed choice to witness their own truth in their own time and pace.

Are you truly ready to heal the trauma?

It is not natural to live and function from a space of trauma (stagnant energy), fear or anxiety. Breathwork helps us reconnect with our very nature. Breathwork is scientifically proven to change our blood chemistry which makes us more alive. I developed the {we}Elevate Breathwork™ program as a space where we meet to simply breathe and be without the frustration of meditation. Let me say this loudly and clearly, {we}Elevate is not meditation! There is no difference between meditation and Breathwork except the time it takes to get back to a space of remembering and healing. When you can’t meditate, you can {we}Elevate™.

What is your understanding of pure energy? Are you aware that you are an embodiment of pure energy. Trauma is little more than physiological choiceless violations of our systems. Trauma that is suppressed or forcibly and categorically denied will always return as pain and disconnection from our natural existence. Through suppression and force, we are trained to operate from a reactive state of being. The {we}Elevate Breathwork™ practice combines conscious breathwork with embodied intuition experiences to help you access the energy that is stored in the safety, serenity, and spaciousness of true breathing.

{we}Elevate Breathwork™ is a practice of informed choice.   

Stripping away all of the general distractions in life, like engaging in Breathwork, many individuals discover the universal truth that healing is the only job we truly have in life. Breathwork is a tool that gives us access to the source of all energy. Breathwork gives you choice to access more resource for healing through modulation, self-regulation, observation, and integration in ways that support your mental-physical-spiritual, and emotional well-being. {we}Elevation Breathwork™ is a safe space and resourceful Pause stylized trauma-informed breathwork experience that allows you to explore the depths and edges of your limits. Most doctors, therapist, priests, life and fitness experts won’t tell you that because they don’t believe that you will accept this simple truth. For me, Breathwork is sacredness. It is a full on remembering process that allows us to embody our healing. I never feel more alive than when I dwell in those sacred spaces that I find myself in after practicing Breathwork.   

Breathwork helps us to remember that we are the medicine and we are also the dis-ease. We are the solution and the only problem there is. Conscious breathing or Breathwork allows us to shift our relationship with pain and truth; allowing us to lean into our feelings and allowing our emotions to show us the way to our ability to heal. Breathwork is simply a remembrance of being. It is a dissolution of the self. The truth in life is that healing yourself will set you free to be your true self despite everything. Whatever ill or harm someone else ever condemns us to can never be as pervasive, as complete, as brutalizing, or as degrading and dehumanizing as the one of forgetting your natural self. Breathwork is a self-caretaking action that we can choose that allows us to experience love and energy in equal access.

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Our bodies have tremendous resources to deal with pain and trauma (stagnated energy). Breathwork empowers you to feel all the feels without any need for medications, no special permissions, no guilt, no shame, and no explanations. The mind trick us into not allowing us to notice and become intimate with distorted energy that becomes stagnated into our spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies. Our bodies already have the intelligence to know exactly what to do to heal us.

{we}Elevation is one space in time where you get to relax and ohm-wind with nothing but the energy in your breath. You can use Breathwork to create shifts and access all of your emotions to heal. You simply have to get past the mental protectors and allow the process to develop in divine timing. Breathwork can also empower us to experience connects in new and dynamic ways because it allows for choice and anchor to a space of safety.

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