Stressed, anxious, hurting?

Need to release, relax, and HEAL?

You’re in exactly the right place at the right time!


These are exciting times to be alive. Perhaps you’re starting to feel a shift in how you view the world… or perhaps you always felt a little “different.” Maybe you’ve heard the whispers of the Sacred Calling.

The time has come. It’s time for the rise of The Sacred Femme Collective…. To awaken and restore Feminine Consciousness… To restore balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine….To remember the Ancient Wisdom so we can birth Authentic Love.

When women gather in the name of Love, magic occurs. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to anchor the energies for a New Earth.

Sacred Femme Sacellum Community Members can choose from a variety of exclusive energy wellness offerings + services for the mind-body-spirit. We offer a wide variety of female-focused healing protocols that educate, empower, inspire, and motivate individuals to take their health and well-being into their own hands.


* Important Note

  • At this time, Community Memberships are open to women over the age of 21 only.

Members Only Services

Sacred Femme Sacellum Community Members can choose from a variety of exclusive energy wellness offerings + services for the mind-body-spirit including:

  • Mini-Lessons

  • Virtual Workshops

  • 1:1 Sexology Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Couples Coaching

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Breathwork Coaching

  • Guided Meditations

  • Crystal Energy Spa Treatments

Members Only Pricing

Innocence offers members convenient pay-as-you-go membership options. There are no messy long-term contracts.

It couldn't be simpler!

Initial Visit (2.5 hours)…Includes 1 (one) Intake Session + Energy Assessment (not included in monthly membership plans). $300 (this is a one time fee).

Monthly Wellness Memberships...Includes access to virtual mini-lessons, workshops, live happenings, wellness resources, and monthly wellness sessions $249/mo. Wellness Journeys are not included in the Monthly Membership fees. All Wellness Journeys and exclusive programs are limited to the first 13 women to successfully register and to be accepted by Innocence.

1:1 Wellness Coaching Memberships.... Includes access to all Journeys + Programs (dependent on space availability)+ Membership Services + Virtual one on one wellness and sexology coaching sessions (avg. 45-60 minute coaching sessions). $1500 per individual. Requires a 3-month service contract.

Feeling Uncertain?

Having questions is perfectly normal!

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Set up a Free Discovery Session to discuss if which membership program is right for you.

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