And Breathe!

We all exist in various states of living and dying with various beliefs ingrained in us that are often painful to heal from. I am aware that millions of Americans like me struggle with stress, anxiety, or poor energy hygiene can damage our heart health. Heart health is an especially personal topic for me as I unexpectedly lost my first born daughter to sudden congestive heart failure and nearly lost my husband to the same health issue earlier this year. Since that time, I have been reminded that the breath is a sacred reminder of the fragility and infinite energy of life.

I was drawn to breath medicine as a natural supplement to my self-care hygiene because it is universal and non-religious. Breath medicine can be enjoyed and practiced by anyone regardless of faith or non-faith. My training as a Breathwork facilitator has taught me the best ways to use simple breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation and intention to help eliminate negativity and open up to the flow of positive energy. I integrated into every level of my life. 

Tapping into the power of the breath helps me recall my truest self during times of pain and distress. I manage my own stress using a multi-dimensional approach as a part of my mind-body-spirit energy hygiene. I have come to experience the power of using breath medicine to create safe spaces of connection with my higher self and to support my whole well-being.

Still Breathing…a standing meditation

I had a horribly beautiful experience last week not long after practicing heart-centered Breathwork integrations for a few days of. My week had started off as anything but joyful and my gratitude level was extremely low. I had been ill for almost an entire week recouping from some issues with cervical cancer, shingles, and menopause. I had experienced nearly every type of communication issue imaginable this week which was stressful because I had missed several important professional meetings.

To top it all off, I had practically no phone or internet service all week. I tried to make it to my mom’s just to be able to get some work done using the phone and internet and immediately got ill before leaving the house. I had to lie down twice before I could finally leave because all of my energy suddenly evaporated from my body.

Despite these challenges, I had an amazing Breathwork experience when I was feeling my absolute worst in body and spirit. It felt as if my breathing went into autopilot. My spirit clearly told me to just be still And Breathe! I didn’t have any time to think about what breathing pattern to use but my breathing patterns were exactly what I needed to recover. I heard the words #Trust + #Gratitude in my heart.

Breathwork is my #1 go-to practice if I notice the presence of stressful, anxious, or uncertain feelings rising. I observe my feelings as responsive cues to what is coming up in my psyche when I am not being mindful of source + my connection to my soul’s purpose. I know that when I have nothing else + no one else, I always have access to the power of my breath. My breath takes me to places of joy and peace beyond all comprehension. Breathwork sustains me, nourishes me, and keeps me. I am grateful for the reminder that no matter what happens in life, I have the opportunity to just be #andbreathe! 🦋 

I am presently working on the final phases of my doctoral dissertation and Breathwork as medicine became an unexpected phenomenon in my research. I was originally drawn to Breathwork professionally when I first entered my Mind-Body Medicine Ph.D. program for its simplicity and accessibility. On a personal level, I have incorporated Breathwork exploration into my self-care practices; particularly in crystal meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️ I intend to expand this work beyond the scope of scientific information as the keystone in my personal wellness journey + in the work of holding space for other souls; most especially souls of spectrum throughout the world who often feel left out of the narratives of inclusiveness, worthiness, healing energy, and self awareness. 

I don’t know of many women who look like me trying to help other souls heal from sexual trauma, sexual abuse, body dissatisfaction, and body disassociation using ancient energy medicine practices such as Breathwork, crystal healing, earthing, meditation, self-hypnosis, and Reiki as self-healing modalities. These practices are so simple to incorporate into any lifestyle. There’s no special tools or time-consuming training required for any of these practices.

Yes, I said that you if you don’t have any crystals in your possession for whatever reason, you can still engage in crystal energy healing practice. This includes practices such as a crystal meditation, crystal body layout, or Crystal Reiki because you can actually use the power of imagery to simply hold a picture of the specific crystals and the intention you want to use the crystals for in your heart. Ah… yes, I said to hold an image of the crystal in your heart, not in your mind.

The point of any type of meditation is to observe what is going on in the body, mind, and spirit with compassionate curiosity and no-judgement. Breathing meditations such as crystal meditation is no different in this regard. This is an important point that most people miss out on because they believe that meditation is all about headspace but that it IS NOT true. Meditation is truly not complicated when you know the basics. Neither is Breathwork or mindful breathing. I believe that breath medicine is a powerful tool that can be used to help all souls heal from issues of impacted sexuality and body disassociation 🌈

I had recently began immersing myself in the world of vintage photography as another means of finding solace during the onset of the shelter-in-place COVID-19 response. I am continuing to slowly but surely expand my collection of vintage camera gear, some lenses such as the Yashica Mat and Yashica 635 TLR cameras, to my collection. In fact, I was just blessed enough to acquire a very vintage wet plate camera just a little while ago. I believe that using this style of photography will allow me to give clients a tangible memory of their life coaching (self-healing) journey.  

I love how compassionate and in-depth vintage style photography & videography can be with the right intentions. I will soon be using Breathwork and photography to facilitate healing journeys for my clients to help them learn to see and witness themselves in ways that many of them have never experienced before. This work will serve as a means of creating a retrospective for the client’s journey during their life coaching journey through the Sacred Femme Sacellum Women’s Wellness Ministry.

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